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Hire a Lawn Mower

Do you need to mow your lawns but you dont have a lawn mower?

Hire a lawn mower now! (more…)

Hire a Nail Gun

Hiring a nail gun has now never been easier.

With a full range of nail guns comprising :-

Paslode Framing , Paslode Brad Nailer, Air Fencing Nailer, Framing Nail Gun, straight fiishing nail gun to a series of secret nail guns – whatever nail gun you need – we have it available for hire or rent.


How to tension a Hire Chainsaw chain correctly

Regular tensioning of the hired chainsaw chain improves the safety during use and reduces wear and damage to the chain during your rental period

We therefore recommend that you check the chainsaw chain tension and make any necessary corrections each time before you start work. During work with the hired chain saw, the chain becomes warm and therefore expands slightly.

During manufacture, a hired chainsaw chain is “stretched” slightly in the factory, and this prevents excessive thermal expansion. Nevertheless, for your own safety, you must still tension it manually during the hire from time to time.


Hire a Chainsaw

Before you select a chain saw to hire —as a minimum—consider the bar length, chain type, and safety features.

Bar length—most hire companies carry x2 Types of chainsaws with different size bar lengths to accommodate your job.

Hiring a chainsaw with the right bar length that is suited for all your woods work means you can avoid mishaps.


Hire a Leaf Blower or Gardening Equipment

Looking to hire a Leaf Blower

As a main supplier for all hire and rental power tools and gardening equipment you will find they offer excellent service as well as discounted prices.

See a large range of gardening equipment for hire, including chainsaws, brushcutters, edgers, hedgetrimmers, hedgecutters & lawn mowers.


Pressure Washer Hire

Now available the 15 lit/min
3000psi (200bar)



Concrete Mixers / Cement Mixers for Hire

Looking for a range of concrete mixers (cement mixers) for professional and rental users.

A versatile concrete mixer that s currently available for hire is the electric Belle Concrete Mixer or Cement Mixer.

The Belle Cement Mixer is built for site durability and are quality portable concrete mixers for all small to medium building projects.


Rent a Genie Hoist

Genie Hoists are designed to the highest specifications. Easy to Maneuver and being portable are the features of all Genie Hoist.

At the Rental Depot – Genie hoist hire equipment is available today. Whether you are a builder , handyman, or general DIY, you can hire or a rent a genie hoist for your needs.


Hire an Electric Eel

Drains block regardless of the economy or the time of year.

And when they do, you need to have the right tool to get the water flowing again. The right one will clean the line quickly and leave you with a happy customer.


Hire a Tile Cutter

Hire a Sigma Tile Cutter Model 5B-Diagonal (62cm)

A professional tile cutter suitable for larger floor or wall tiles.

  • Effective cutting length: 62cm
  • Diagonal cut: 43cm x 43cm
  • Max. cutting thickness: 20mm
  • Net weight: 9.4kg.