Hire a Nail Gun

Hiring a nail gun has now never been easier.

With a full range of nail guns comprising :-

Paslode Framing , Paslode Brad Nailer, Air Fencing Nailer, Framing Nail Gun, straight fiishing nail gun to a series of secret nail guns – whatever nail gun you need – we have it available for hire or rent.

Nail Gun Hire Saftery Recommendations

When hiring a nail gun we recommend:-

  1. Clearly disply one or morewarning signs that a nail gun is in use.
  2. Ensure all air hoses and power leads are located where they wil not be damaged or tripped over.
  3. Monitor the use of nail guns to ensure safe systems of work are being maintained by the operators
  4. Inspect the nail gun before connecting to the air supply hose
  5. Follow the manufacturers specifications and operating instructions for the particular nail gun
  6. Only use fasteners recommended by the nail gun manufacturer
  7. Review all precautions and warnings before using the nail gun
  8. Keep hands and fingers out of the line of fire and aim the gun away from the body
  9. Make sure tool is placed firmly against the work piece
  10. Never carry the tool with the finger on the trigger
  11. Always disconnect the power source of the tool before clearing jams or performing maintenance
  12. Always wear appropriate personal protective equipment such as safety glasses, hearing protection etc etc
  13. Never point the tool at anyone
  14. Never assume the tool is empty

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