Hire a Chainsaw

Before you select a chain saw to hire —as a minimum—consider the bar length, chain type, and safety features.

Bar length—most hire companies carry x2 Types of chainsaws with different size bar lengths to accommodate your job.

Hiring a chainsaw with the right bar length that is suited for all your woods work means you can avoid mishaps.

You should be able to perform all your tasks with the larger petrol chainsaw for hire – which has a bar length of 21inches (52.5cm)

Chain types—the right chain for a hired chain saw is very important. That is why The Team @ The Rental Depot always puts a new chain on every hired chainsaw PLUS always sends a tool and instructions and how to sharpen and maintain the chain whilst on site.  A dull chain saw will not cut straight, if it cuts at all, and make any work harder!

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